Ancient History (TASC Level 3)

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Ancient History (TASC Level 3) - An Introduction

Ancient History Level 3 stimulates learners’ curiosity and imagination, and enriches their appreciation of humanity and the value of the ancient past. It shows how the world and its people have changed, as well as the significant legacies that exist into the present, and gives a context for this interconnectedness of past and present. The study of Ancient History Level 3 illustrates the development of some of the distinctive features of contemporary societies, including social organisation, systems of law, governance and religion. Ancient History Level 3 is also concerned with the possible motivations and actions of individuals and groups, and how they shaped the political, social and cultural landscapes of the ancient world. Ancient History Level 3 continues to develop the historical skills and understandings delivered in the Foundation to Year 10 History curriculum. Learners develop transferable skills associated with the process of historical inquiry and communication.

TASC. Ancient History. Level 3, ANH315117, 2020.

Course information for TASC Ancient History level 3 can be found here.

Investigation Project (IPs): When undertaking any investigation project, independent study, research or literature review you must allow yourself enough time to search for and locate the material you will need. To help you a booking sheet is kept at the Library desk where you may book an individual time with one of the Library staff when commencing any research for History.

Library Resources
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Library Resources

The Library catalogue is a powerful searching tool. Use a basic keyword search to get you quickly to the resources you will find on our shelves.

In Ancient Civilisations the Dewey Numbers that will help you find resources located on our shelves are:

Ancient History

  • 930 History of the ancient world to ca.499

Ancient Rome

  • 937 Early history to 476
  • 937.02 History of the Roman Republic, 510-31 B.C.
  • 937.05 Period of civil strife, 146-31 B.C.
  • 937.06 Period of the Roman Empire, 31 B.C - 476 A.D.

You may also find it useful to undertake a keyword search on Roman Mythology.

Reference resources

General Encyclopedia

The World Book

Subject Encyclopedia

The following 11-volume set, Exploring Ancient Civilizations, would be a good place to begin. Volume 9 has a particular focus on Rome.

AV Resources

The Library has a wide range of AV material on DVD and as digital movies that can be located by searching on the Library catalogue. Please find below a list of suggested resources, ask in the AV office for extended help.

Web Resources

Be careful what you download and use from the Internet.

Before using information from a web address ensure you are looking at a publication from a legitimate source. Material from the Internet often does not acknowledge the author or creator, does not cite references or footnotes, or include any type of bibliography or reference list. Use this type of material with caution. As part of your research process you need to sort out the reliable sources from the less trustworthy sites.

If in doubt always check with your teacher. For further information read the Library Fact Sheet Evaluating Information from the Web.

Online Encyclopedia

General websites


Art & artifacts

Roman Britain

Referencing advice: TASC and your teachers at St Patrick's College expect you to present your work with citations and a reference list in the Harvard style for Ancient History. Go to the Library's Referencing Guidelines for extended help in this area. The Library staff are always happy to help you with any queries you may have in regard to referencing requirements for any research you are undertaking.

Faculty resources: All material purchased by the HASS Faculty are also available for student use if it is not required by teachers. Many of these resources are shelved separately in the Library and may be found by using the Library catalogue. You may need to ask Library staff to bring you some titles.